Best Fruit for Skin

Best fruit for skin is an inexhaustible source of beneficial trace elements and vitamins that can make us real beauties. All sorts of scrubs, tonics, and masks which are prepared on the basis of fruits have miraculous properties. It is a pity that not everyone knows which fruit gives the skin the most useful substances. Each fruit has its own benefits, but there are precisely those due to which our skin can always remain young, supple, and fresh.

Fruits Face Mask to get rid of Acne Scars - Best Fruit for Skin
best fruit for skin

Some best fruits for skin are:

Apples contain a lot of vitamins and minerals that are needed by our skin, and especially they are indispensable for irritated skin. Apple pulp can soothe the skin in case of a weak sunburn.

This fruit is rich in carotene, zinc, iodine, copper, carbohydrates, vitamins C and E. Pear juice has incredible strength, it can make the skin of any type smooth and elastic, moreover, the pear perfectly narrows the pores.

Dermatologists and cosmetologists recommend not only making masks of banana pulp but also trying to eat at least one banana a day, because it contains fruit acids, vitamins, and minerals, thanks to which cells grow faster. We can say that it is a fertilizer for the cells of our skin – do not neglect them, in order to preserve youth longer.

Many cosmetics include such ingredients as quince. Of course, this is not just. It has a wonderfully soothing and moisturizing effect due to the abundance of vitamins. Use the pulp of this fruit in its pure form for masks, and also remember that quince seed oil is very useful.

This fruit is rich in ascorbic acid. Due to this, it is capable of improving blood circulation, making the skin elastic, smooth and improving the color of tsvetitsa, moreover, kiwi fruit promotes cell regeneration, moisturizes and smooths the skin. If you mix three kiwi flesh with sea salt, then you get a great mixture for peeling. Just apply it not only on the face but also on the face, massage with circular movements and rinse. After the procedure, you will see how smooth and beautiful your skin is.

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Avocado is rich in beta-carotene, vitamins C and E, therefore it protects the skin from free radicals that damage our cells, and this leads to rapid aging of the body’s skin. Therefore, if you want to keep your skin young and delay the appearance of wrinkles, then make masks from avocados and be sure to try to eat them as much as possible.

No fruit is more beneficial for oily skin. Therefore, you need to make a mask of its pulp and sour milk in order to achieve the best effect.

Peach benefits skin of any type. If the skin is thin, tired and dry, then this mask will help you: the pulp of two fushers and one teaspoon of lemon juice. And if your skin is opposite, wrinkled and flabby, then make masks of peach and egg yolk.

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