Orange Juice Smoothie Recipe

I love this orange juice smoothie recipe, I have been drinking it for a quick breakfast just about everyday!  Sometimes i also try Orange Milkshake which is also so much healthy for breakfast. I add nutritional yeast, flax seeds and liquid minerals. It simple and tastes great! I served it over lots of berries and anything which i like for topping.

Orange Juice Smoothie Recipe 1 - Orange Juice Smoothie Recipe

We support our immune system and load up on Vitamin C and other essential vitamins with the goal that we should maintain our health and internal system during hot summers. It gives taste of a flavor like those sorbet ice lollies we ate as a child, and it’s frosty and invigorating and perfect for warm day. It’s additionally ideal for a light breakfast or to fuel you up for your pre or post-exercise.


  • 1 cup milk
  • 1 glass Orange Juice
  • Some ice cubes
  • Vanilla for taste
  • Sugar for sweetness
  • Some water (half cup)

You can blend all items together in the blender.

Benefits of Orange Juice Smoothie:

We can see that this smoothie is made up from citrus fruit. So we considered that it is the healthiest smoothie with alot of healthy nutrition benefits. It includes capacity to help invulnerability, lessen indications of maturing, anticipate disease, support cell repair and digestion, detoxify the body, control blood circulation and pressure.

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Immune System:

One of the richest source to boost our immune system is vitamin C and Orange Juice smoothie has more than enough vitamin C that your body required. It acts as major antioxidants in the body and destroy highyly reactive species before they damage the system.

Control Blood Pressure and Blood Circultaion:

There is another effective part of squeezed orange, its folate. Folate is an individual from the B complex, in fact it is vitamin B9. This vital vitamin is basic for the production of DNA and the development of new cells. Folate additionally protects cells from change, which is one of the ways that free radicals harm the body.


Citrus organic products are generally viewed as calming operators, and squeezed orange is no special case. High sugar and high-fat suppers can prompt irritation of different body parts, and this, thus, can prompt the advancement of expanded insulin protection.

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