What fruits are fattening || Fruits that make you gain Weight

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Fruits are some of the healthiest and most luscious foods on the world and they are a source of natural sugars, vitamins, minerals and other powerful substances. Tasty fruits bring plenty of health benefits. If you want to lose weight then you have to eat fruit because it is the best solution for losing weight with no side effects. As far as fruit you eat in reasonable amounts that are entirely fine because it help in your weight loss efforts. Therefore, weight managing can be summed up by a petite and easy equation like calories in – calories out where ‘Calories in’ represents the energy that you initiate into your body via the food that you have eats and ‘Calories out’ that represents the energy that your body uses logically during the day and exercise.

Practically all fruit are valuable as part of a healthy diet, however there are some that have higher concentrations of vitamins and nutrients. Fruits that make you fat contains more calories than you burn are what lead to weight gain for the reason that the excess calories are stored as fat around the body and when you consume smaller quantity of calories than you burn, fat stores more or less in your body that are used as a cause of energy. Fruit is packed with nutrients with high water content that makes it filling and contains fiber. Fruit have an excellent choice as a healthy source of carbohydrates.

Here are some weight gain fruits that give you healthy fitness and strong body and you can easily eat these fruits in our daily life styles.

Fruits that make you gain Weight

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Berries are loaded with vitamin and it is one of the best fruit ever with less sugar content. It also contains low calories where if 1 cup of strawberries has only 50 calories therefore, 1 cup of blueberries has 80 calories and 1 cup of raspberries that has 65 calories and blackberries has just 60 calories so Berries are an excellent snack in hunger sweetness.


Bananas are one of the best and sweetest fruit weight gain and it brings more fattening in a human body. In the latest studies the research shows that Banana fruit are actually very beneficial not only they are soaring in potassium and fiber but also they contain a special kind of starch called “resistant starch”. Research also proves that this starch can actually help progress your body’s fat burning process and hold back your appetite.  One medium banana is equal to more than 100 calories.


Mangoes are the one of the excellent and tasty fruit that is loved by all over the world. 1 medium mango contains 130 calories and more than 3 grams of dietary fiber with considerable amounts of vitamins and it also contains a little amount of calcium. A mango fruit contains more sugar than other fruits.


Apple fruits are very rich in the category of fruits. As the most popular statement that you have always listened that “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. No doubt Apples are absolutely one of the healthiest fruits that you can eat. A medium apple contains less than 100 calories and more than 4 grams of fiber including a good Vitamin C.


Grapes are very healthy a fruit to eat that also helps to improve your health and slump a few pounds. Grapes yummy fruit are rich in vitamin C. If you have a choice between green grapes and red grapes then you are supposed to go for the red for the reason that the Red grapes contains more antioxidants and a large nutritional thump as compare to green grapes. One cup of grapes contains more than 100 calories.

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