Best Fruit Salad Recipes

The best fruit salad recipes offer a variety of health benefits because these Superfoods are pack with a potent nutritional punch. A fresh fruit brings a huge way to assure a sweet tooth, and you will get your daily nutrients.

Best Fruit Salad Recipes - Best Fruit Salad Recipes
Best Fruit Salad Recipes

You can make creamy fruit salad by mixing the following fruits/vegetables in equal parts with cream.

1. Fruit salad with blueberries and orange juice.

1 glass of strawberries;
1 cup of sweet cherries;
½ cup blueberries;
½ red apple;
½ peach;
1 Kiwi;
2 tablespoons of lemon juice;
1 glass of orange juice.

Cut the sweet cherry into halves and remove the bones. Fruits cut into small slices. Pour lemon juice into a bowl, add fruits and berries and mix. Add a glass of orange juice, let the salad absorb the flavor, and then drain the juice. Salad can be served both chilled and at room temperature.


2. Fruit salad with chocolate and whipped cream.

2 bananas;
2 apples;
1 Kiwi;
1 glass of blackberry;
1 orange;
100 g of chocolate;
Whipped cream to taste.

Cut and mix slices of banana, apple, kiwi, and orange, add a glass of blackberry. Hold the chocolate bar slightly at room temperature so that it becomes soft. Cut the chocolate into cubes, add to the fruit. Pour over the salad with whipped cream and sprinkle with grated chocolate.


3. Tropical Fruit Salad.

1 pineapple;
2 mangoes;
2 bananas;
½ cup of pomegranate seeds;
2 tablespoons of sweet coconut chips.

Cut pineapple, mango, bananas, and mix with pomegranate seeds. Put the salad in the fridge for a few hours, or better at night. Sprinkle with coconut before serving.


4. Fruit salad with pastry and yogurt.

1 slice of watermelon;
1 apple;
1 Kiwi;
2 rings of canned pineapple;
15–20 grapes;
½ cup walnuts;
200 g soft cookies;
3 tablespoons yogurt without fillers;
Ground cinnamon to taste.

Mix slices of watermelon, apples, kiwi and canned pineapple. Cut the grapes into halves, peel and add to the fruit. Break soft biscuits into small pieces, add nuts. Combine fruits, cookies, and nuts, season with yogurt and sprinkle with cinnamon.


5. Fruit Salad with Avocado.

3 medium avocados;
2 tablespoons of lemon juice;
½ cup yogurt without fillers;
2 tablespoons of honey;
1 teaspoon grated lemon zest;
1 apple;
1 banana;
1 cup of grape-free grapes;
300 g canned tangerines.

Remove bones from ripe avocado fruits, cut them into cubes. Pour lemon juice, hold for 5 minutes, then drain the juice.

Prepare the dressing by mixing a few tablespoons of yogurt with honey and grated lemon zest. Combine avocado fruits: banana, apple, grapes, and canned tangerines. Add refueling.

Best Fruit Salad Recipes 5 1 - Best Fruit Salad Recipes

Fruit Salads with Yogurt.

Some best fruit salad recipes with Yogurt.

1. Apricot Fruit Salad.

1 banana;
2 apricots;
5 pieces of prunes;
1 small melon;
60-80 g of milk chocolate;
2 tbsp. Almonds;
80 g low-fat yogurt;
a few mint leaves;

Cut the melon’s flesh into small pieces, slice the bananas, and prune, soaked in water, and chop up the prunes. From apricots, remove the bones and cut them into quarters. Chop the almonds and fry them a little. Milk chocolate rubbed on a grater. Mix all the ingredients, season with yogurt, mix thoroughly and garnish with several mint leaves.

2. Colors Fruit Salad.

8 plums;
2 mandarins;
2 kiwis;
1 pear;
1 orange;
100 g of green grapes without stones;
200 g of vanilla yogurt.

Cut the pear into thin slices, peeled kiwi, orange and tangerine – slices. Remove pits from plums and cut into quarters, grapes – into slices. Combine all components, pour with yogurt and mix.

3. Fruit salad dessert with cottage cheese.

2 apples;
200 g cherries;
70 g grapes;
100 g cottage cheese;
4 tbsp. powdered sugar;
50 g of creamy yogurt.

Mix cottage cheese, yogurt, and icing sugar. Cherry and grapes (leave a few grapes to decorate) chop and mix with curd mass. Washed apples (half an apple, too, leave for decoration) cut into strips and mix with the rest of the ingredients. Put the prepared salad in a salad bowl and place in a cool place for 40 minutes. Before serving, decorate the salad with grapes and apple slices.

4. Fruit salad with creamy yogurt and strawberries.

6 apricots;
1 orange;
70 g strawberries;
70 g cherries;
1 tbsp. orange peel;
2 tbsp. powdered sugar;
50 g cream yogurt;
cinnamon – to taste.

Mix yogurt, powdered sugar, and cinnamon to taste – this is the dressing. Cut the fruits and berries into small pieces, mix and pour the sauce.

5. Delicious Kiwi salad.

One banana;
2 kiwi;
2 mandarin;
1 orange;
100 g of natural yogurt.

Cut the banana into slices, kiwi quarter-circles. Mandarin neatly divided into slices. Orange is also divided into slices, if possible, separate the film and divide the slices into three parts. Drain with a napkin, as the orange and mandarin juice should not get into yogurt, otherwise, it will curdle and the dish will be spoiled. Fold the fruit platter into the salad bowl, pour in the yogurt and mix thoroughly (preferably with a spoon of non-oxidizing material).

6. Italian Fruit Salad.

300 grams of mango;
100 grams of pear;
400 grams of Parmesan cheese;
200 grams of yogurt.

Cut the mango and pear into small pieces, dice the cheese, mix and season with yogurt.

Best Fruit Salad Recipes 4 - Best Fruit Salad Recipes

7. Mango and Oranges Fruit Salad.

1 kg mango;
3 oranges;
¾ stack yogurt.

Cut the pulp of mango fruits into small cubes. Peel oranges, cut into slices and cut each lobule in half, removing the bones. Mix the chopped mango pulp with oranges in a salad bowl and pour the beaten sweet yogurt. Put for 15-20 minutes in the refrigerator for cooling.

8. Persimmon Fruit Salad.

4 persimmon;
2 bananas;
3 mandarins;
2 tbsp. lemon juice;
¾ stack yogurt.

Peel the persimmon peeled, remove the bones and cut into small slices. Bananas cut into slices. Peeled tangerines are divided into segments and cut each in half, also removing the bones. Beat the yogurt lightly. In a clear glass salad bowl, mix the persimmon, bananas, and tangerines, sprinkle with lemon juice and let stand 5 minutes, season the salad with yogurt, and cool slightly before serving.

9. Prunes Salad.

100 g prunes;
100 g dried apricots;
50 g almonds;
Yogurt – to taste.

Mix all the ingredients: dried apricots, peeled almonds, prunes, cover with yogurt and, putting this beauty in a salad bowl, serve to the table.

10. Fruit Salad with Pistachios.

4 kiwi;
8 apricots;
1 pomegranate;
10 dates;
⅓ stack. pistachios;
½ stack yogurt.

Expand roasted pistachios. Wash the garnet, cut it with a sharp knife, break it with your hands and carefully remove the seeds. Divide apricots into halves, remove the bones and cut the flesh into small strips. Crush dates. Peel kiwi and cut into small cubes. Mix, season with slightly whipped yogurt and put the finished salad in the fridge for 15-20 minutes.

Other Best Fruit Salad Recipes Combinations.

Top 5 Fresh Fruit Salad Combinations.

  • Apple and Pear.
  • Apple, Pear & Pineapple.
  • Orange and Grapefruit.
  • Apple and Watermelon.
  • Cranberry, Grape, and Prune.

Top 6 Fresh Fruit Salad Combinations with Mint.

  • Green Apple, Strawberry, Cucumber, Kale and Mint.
  • Pineapple, Watermelon, Mango and Orange Bell Pepper.
  • Orange, Lemon, Lime, and Ginger.
  • Pineapple, Orange, Watermelon, Spinach, and Cayenne.
  • Blueberry, Raspberry, Cabbage, Cucumber, and Mint.
  • Lemon, Cayenne, Sweet basil, Ginger, and Mint.

Best Fruit Salad Recipes 2 - Best Fruit Salad Recipes

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