Orange Strawberry Smoothie Recipe

Orange Strawberry Smoothie 2

Orange strawberry Smoothie Recipe is totally ravishing and similarly delightful. It’s made out of just 2 products but you can use more things to garnish it and serve it more beautifully and deliciously. Some red and tasty strawberries and natural oranges make up this delectable recipe. I added a little water or yogurt to thin it out and ice to make it refreshingly cool. I just love Oranges and made it with different combinations. This smoothie has it all! A wonderful strawberry flavor, a pop of orange and it’s oh so lovely smoothie. You can also try Orange Juice Smoothie Recipe.

Orange Strawberry Smoothie 2


2 oranges without skin
5 strawberries
1 cup water or yogurt (According to your taste)
4-5 ice cubes

Don’t need to pay high bills in the cafe. Just follow these steps and make your own Delicious drink now.


The intense acids and vitamins found in strawberries and oranges make this squeeze the ideal treatment for enhancing skin tone and conveying cell reinforcement impacts to kindled zones. Blend a touch of strawberry juice with rosewater and knead it into patches of dry or bothered skin. This can help ensure you against the destructive beams of the sun, while additionally limiting the presence of wrinkles and age spots.

Orange Strawberry Smoothie

A few people apply strawberry squeeze specifically to their scalp for a solid hair rub, as it is known to calm dry skin and fortify hair follicles, which can anticipate dandruff and male pattern baldness.

A few people do encounter to Orange Strawberry Smoothie unfavorably susceptible responses, for example, skin aggravation, stomach furious, irritated throat or other minor hypersensitive reactions.

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